U14 Coach Bio


I have been an active member of the coaching community in the Metcalfe and Russell area over the past 30 years.  As a young teen volunteering as an on-ice helper I was encouraged to take a hockey coaching course, by then MDHA President Walter Nibogie.  I have gone on to coach hockey and softball teams almost every season since.  I have continued to expand my coaching knowledge by refreshing skills, taking continuing education courses through the NCCP and Hockey Canada.  I have enjoyed evolving as a coach as I have expanded my experience in coaching both hockey and softball at recreational and competitive levels.  In recent years I have enjoyed taking on different coaching challenges such as learning more about goaltending and the specific needs of coaching these young athletes.  My profession as a Physiotherapist augments my coaching through a science-based understanding of sport, human growth and development as well as training athletes.

My coaching philosophy is built on the cornerstone of a love for the game of hockey; the nurturing of that life-long love of the game and keeping our young athletes active in sports they enjoy.  Through effective communication a coach can learn the individual needs of players, what motivates them, what their goals are and why they play.  Teams are then built by finding a place of value for each young athlete where they can learn and grow.  Teamwork is built on players’ mutual respect and respect for their leaders; this requires ongoing communication and reevaluation throughout the season.  As a leader of a team my goal is to instill and foster a strong work ethic through fun, challenging and dynamic practice.   It is my goal to help build hardworking athletes, great teammates and respected young citizens who will go on to give back to their respective communities.

As this team moves into body contact this season I aim to provide a solid basis on safe use of contact in game play.  Given these players critical age of growth and development I also aim to promote a healthy lifestyle on and off the ice with education regarding exercise, nutrition and drug-free environments.

Proposed Tournaments:

Capital Volunteer Cup            Oct 22-24, 2021          Ottawa, ON

Kingston Canadiens                  Dec 3-5, 2021          Kingston, ON

Capital Winter Classic.             Jan 7-9, 2022             Ottawa, On

Oshawa Cup                           Jan 20-23, 2022          Oshawa, ON