U15 Coach Bio



My name is Luc Lapierre Head coach at the U15 level this year. I’ve been in coaching at different levels and sport since 2002. I’ve coached from Junior C, house league, rep b and AAA. I’ve been playing hockey my whole life mostly with the Gloucester Rangers AA and still play men’s league twice a week. I like playing the game and I love coaching it even more.


There are as many philosophies and approaches to coaching, leadership, and management theories as there are coaches, leaders and managers. The fact remains that the fundamentals are all the same: Hard work, preparedness and discipline that come together in an environment that promotes team work, learning, and pleasure of personal and team success. And on that note, not all success can be measured on the scoreboard.

The one thing hockey taught me, are that the lessons learned on the ice, in the locker room, from other players and most notably from my coaches over the many years served me well in everyday life. My philosophy is that leadership starts at the top with the coaches, and players will play like they are coached. Being a good coach is being a good communicator, a strong leader and most of all a great example. Give them goals to achieve, show them what is in the art of the achievable. Inspire them, but also be inspired by them.