At the June 8, 2013 Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association (ODMHA, now HEO Minor) Annual General Meeting a New CODE OF DISCIPLINE was approved by the Membership effective the 2013-2014 Season.

Discipline is administered in the MDHA using the following Code of Discipline and Regulations:

1. 2015-2016 HEO-Minor Code of Discipline

The purpose of the HEO-Minor Code of Discipline is to:

  1. Ensure that Organization/Association/Club/Team Officials and Players are aware of the serious nature of the rule offences
  2. Apply a common minimum standard of Discipline across the Branch for offences of a similar nature
  3. Make Team and Association officials more aware of their responsibilities in keeping control of their Teams and in applying Discipline where warranted

2.  Gloucester Hockey Association Rules and Regulations

  1. Ensure that Coaches/Players/Parents are aware the playing rules

3. Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations of the Metcalfe & District Hockey Association

Specifically Regulation 1 - Teams, Article 2 : Suspensions

2.3 HEO-Minor Code of Discipline game infractions will result in an automatic MDHA Panel Discipline Hearing, if the infraction received meets these parameters:

  1. 3rd Game Misconduct in a Playing Season
  2. 1st Gross Misconduct in a Playing Season
  3. 1st Match Penalty in a Playing Season

4. Hazing Awareness Bulletin of September 12, 2014