Generally, there are two types of suspensions: time suspensions and game suspension.

  1. Game suspensions: Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) player suspensions may only be served through meaningful games. A meaningful game is a regular season, play-off (league or inter-branch) or sanctioned tournament game. Players under a game suspension (time assessed suspensions do not qualify) are allowed to practice with their teams and to participate in league All-Star games, at the discretion of their teams/leagues, but may not participate in any regular season, playoff, exhibition, or tournament games, inside or outside of HEO, until their suspensions have been served in their entirety. Suspensions at one level of hockey apply to all levels of hockey within HEO
  2. Time suspensions: Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) time suspension results in the offender being suspended from all hockey activities immediately and the time specified period commences at twelve midnight of the day in which the suspension is assessed, e.g. match penalty assessed at 3:00 p.m., under suspension for the rest of the day and the time suspension begins at twelve midnight.
    1. All Hockey activities means any activity that a player would take part in with their team including but not limited to: games, practices, team activities, being in the dressing room or on the bench, being in the “cold section” of the arena (not lobby).
    2. For people other than players, All Hockey activities could mean any, but not limited, to the following: being in direct contact with the team, participating in a hockey related function, being on the “cold side” of the arena, accessing dressing rooms, accessing benches, participation in team activities, etc.