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Hello Jets Fans!!  Please check for your child's name.  Remember to complete all health checks before entering the arena's.  Use the Covid-19 Screening Form on the Metcalfe Jets website please.  You will receive a confirmation email that you completed your Health Checks for each individual, keep those as a backup plan in case there's an issue at check in.  Have your Double Vaccination Report ready.  Please have your child dressed prior to their ice times.  Please arrive 15 minutes early. Contact Jason or myself (Steve) with any questions.

U9convenor1@metcalfejets.ca (Steve)

U9convenor2@metcalfejets.ca (Jason)


Don't be confused, there are 3 separate groups on the ice at 5pm.

Tuesday September 28th  5pm

Black Jersey

M. Brekalo

C. Ballard

M. Scott

A. Mallon

C. Dalgleish

S. Malcolm

M. Leger

S. Dauphinais

W. Bilder

S. Walker

C. Demers

K. Holwell

C. Bertrand


Grey Jersey

S. Nyentap

Z. Bailey

J. Briglio

J. Hicks- Clarke

M. Yelle

E. McVey

G. Turner

L. Leitch

A. Popazzi

M. Denison

J. McBride

D. Kelly-Pounder

W. Fleming

Black Jersey

E. Belanger

K. Barnett

H. Johnson

L. Gaudet

M. LeBlanc

D. DaSilva

C. Macklin

G. Noon

C. Saunders

B. Habash

L. Mann

C. Robertson

B. Hughes


Tuesday Sept. 28th 6pm

Black Jersey

Cai. Kennedy

Car. Kennedy

L. Latham

A. MacEachren

S. Briglio

B. Hull

C. Murdie

J. Clarke

L. Flamini

K. Dearden

C. Levicki

E. Donnelly

T. Maybee

Grey Jersey

B. Bailey

K. Morris

B. Moore

O. Tache

M. Multari

C. Mills

J. Downing

E. Downing

V. Johnson

K. Burke

A. McCarlie

A. Rodgers

B. Mckeown


Black Jersey

C. Harvey

S. Koeniger

M. Adm

J. Franks

N. Gervais

J. Brittain

Grey Jersey

A. Donaldson

S. Adamson

B. Collin

H. Levesque

M. McCaffrey

L. Bujold

C. Scholar


Just a reminder as we finish creating the teams, we are in desperate need of Head Coaches.  6 teams will be finalized soon, and we only have 4 Head Coaches confirmed.  Please think about it, there are tonnes of resources and people to reach out to for all of your questions.  I'll be in touch again soon. It looks like we will be starting our regular season this weekend. Today will be the last day for us to finalize our teams and will be handing the rosters over to the Association.


Thank you so much for your patience,


Steve and Jason