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Hello all, it's Steve Brittain, Co-Convenor for U9 this year.  Welcome back to Metcalfe Jets Hockey.  Our Development Ice will be starting on September 10th.  It is basically a practice. Each child will receive 5 hours of ice time.  After the Development Ice times are completed, we'll move into Sort Outs, which are evaluations to see if your child will play "A", "B" or "C" this year within our U9 age group.  That will start on Sept 24th.  Once that is complete your child may be asked to attend a scrimmage or 2, just to make sure we have everyone where they belong.  Every year we rely heavily on you folks to help us out through volunteering. We will need lots of help, mostly for the Sort Outs.  Please contact myself or Jason if you can help us on ice.  Below I have split the kids up into 4 groups, look for your child's name and you will see the ice times and locations.


Steve - u9convenor1@metcalfejets.ca

Jason - u9convenor2@metcalfejets.ca


Sort Out times below. Also, I've added some ice times that your child may or may not be needed to attend.  The additional ice times are to balance out the Teams and any last minute changes we may need to do.  I will contact you directly if we need you to attend these ice times.  Sort Out ice times are very important, these are the Evaluations.  This helps us decide what level your child will be at for this coming year.  It will still be a Practise format, but the kids will be graded on each skill. We have great Volunteers, so it will still be fun.


Tuesday September 27th   5pm  Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex (Senecal)

Tuesday September 27th   6pm   Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex (Senecal)

Thursday September 29th  5pm  Earl Armstrong Arena

Thursday September 29th  6pm  Earl Armstrong Arena

These are the Ice times we may need your child to attend.  We'll give you as much notice as possible. But at best I'll be emailing you in the evening of Sunday Sept. 25th, possibly Monday morning.


First Practises tentatively start October 2nd.


Group #1                                                    SORT OUT ICE TIMES

Justin Brittain                                        Saturday September 24th  8am  Earl Armstrong Arena

Alina Rodgers                                        Sunday September 25th    8am Earl Armstrong Arena

Brycen Hull

Calvin Mills

Kaylee Holwell

Luca Oneid

Sabrina Malcolm

Olivier Tache

Keegan Morris

Scott Nyentap

Clark Levicki

Ethan McVey

Brandon Bezaire

Hugo Miller

Joesph McBride

Benjamin Hughes

Samuel Dauphinais

Madison Filter

Cole Dalgleish

Lucas Mann

Quincey Lancaster

Group#2                                        SORT OUT ICE TIME

Mico Multari                                  Saturday September 24th 9am   Earl Armstrong Arena

Gabriel Noon                                  Sunday September 25th 9am Earl Armstrong Arena

Zachary Bailey

Connor Hoople

Colin Murdie

Thomas Maybee

Cash Barakat

Kingsley Barakat

Keyen Dearden

Brodie Collin

Brennan Bailey

Adrien Carriere

Loren Gaudet

Denton Kelly-Pounder

Luca Flamini

Emily Downing

Jonathan Downing

Jack Clarke

Maverick Scott



Hunter Johnson                                  SORT OUT ICE TIME

Mathew Brekalo                                Saturday September 24th  10am   Earl Armstrong Arena

Sam Briglio                                        Sunday September 25th  10am Earl Armstrong Arena

Gavin Turner

Caleb Ballard

William Bilder

Blake Moore

Cameron Rodgers

Lincoln Smith

Eric Penner

Felix Levesque

Benjamin Cook

William Tracey

Parker Irven

Nathan Graham

Grayson Cook

Hayden Stark

Beckett Moran

Russell LeBlanc

Herman Kamashev

Mason McCarlie


Group#4                                          SORT OUT ICE TIME

Asher Fairhead                                Saturday September 24th  11am  Earl Armstrong Arena

Josh Neilson                                    Sunday September 25th   11am  Earl Armstrong Arena

Lochlan Peori

William Armstrong

Elizabeth Donaldson

Harvey Millar

William Andrews

Parker Ladouceur

Louis McBride

Kai Khademal

Ellie Stringer

Elray Latham

Noah Bilodeau

Harrison Poloski

Carson Reaney

McCormack Reaney

Nash LaPlante

Lennox Latham

Arianna Cece

Walker Nevins

Thomas Foubert

For this Development Ice, wear whatever jersey you want, for Sort Outs I will provide your child with a specific jersey. It will be reversible.  Please do not lose it, you will be responsible for paying for it if lost.  It happened last year.

Feel free to reach out anytime.

Thanks and see you at the rink,

Steve and Jason.