MDHA House

September 18th, 4:01 PM

The House hockey schedule is in progress but here is a brief overview:

  • U7 (Initiation) starts with a free skate on the weekend of September 11th
  • U9 & U11 Pathway:
    • four development skill sessions starting Sept 10th
    • minimum three evaluation/sort-out sessions
    • practices follow with five sessions before game schedule begins early October
  • U13-U18 sort outs begin the weekend of September 10th

Evaluation / Sort Out Process

If there are concerns, a parent may inquire in writing to the respective convenor after 24 hours of the evaluation. Evaluation forms or player rankings will not be released to parents.
A parent may also refer to MDHA By-Law 4 (1.1) regarding the filing of any protest regarding the evaluation process.

Please be aware that the MDHA is responsible to balance all teams to the greatest extent possible and will follow the MDHA Balancing Guidelines.
The GHA Board of Directors reserve the right, up to, November 30th of each playing season, to make changes to teams and the MDHA will adhere to these changes as set down by the GHA.


Please check back frequently for updates.

Goalie Evals will be held Sunday, 12 Sept, at Bob MacQuarrie Arena, Manley Rink.

1490 Youville Dr

Timings are as follows:
U13 - 8:30-9:30
U15 - 9:30-10:30
U18 - 10:30- 11:30

Please note that U11 goalie evaluations will be held Monday, 20 Sept at 1800 

Convenors may be reached for questions via email:

U7 Maryam Sugrue-Foubert
U9 Steve Brittain
Jason Scholar
U11 Todd Lockett
U13 Alison Watson
Matt A. Graham
U15 Julia Tuff
U18 & U21 Mark Volk
VP House Operations Julianne Oelke-Simonsen