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Reminders and Information


Players can arrive up to 20 minutes before their scheduled Ice time, they will not be permitted in earlier.

  • Players do not have to be dressed beforehand but can be if they prefer or think that they won't have sufficient time to dress at the rink.
  • The change room space is limited as social distancing measures are in place (2 meters required).
  • Spectators are not limited to one per player, however, we will have to ensure that we respect the arena limits that are in place (each facility will vary but the number is very high so we should be fine).
  • All participants, spectators, on ice volunteers etc. are required to pass the screening. Please complete the screening on the day of the ice time at least two hours before.
  • We have a new form at the link below which allows you to enter all participants/players/officials within the same family on the same form.  New wording was added for the person filling out the form to include "...you or anyone listed above as either a participant, spectator or team official..." Only the first Full Name is mandatory - the other 3 names are not required.
  • All players must check in at the registration desk for each ice time (no sooner than 20 minutes before the scheduled ice time)
  • All spectators must check in at the registration desk before the scheduled ice time and are not permitted to congregate in the hallways or lobbies as per the arena regulations. We are asking that spectators do not enter the facility until the scheduled ice time so that we can easily follow the regulations in place.
  • All participants will be given a numbered jersey at their first ice time, this jersey MUST be returned when the evaluations are complete. If the jersey is not returned the participant will be required to pay $50 before they are allowed on the ice for their first team practice.

HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE SCREENING FORM THAT IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY ICE TIME COVID SCREENING FORM MDHA  . You can even save this link to your home screen on your phone to make your life easier going forward.

Please bring proof of being Vaccinated with Photo I.D to each event.


I would like to thank all the kids for an amazing showing in our Development sessions as well as the Sort outs. Please see below for which team you are on.