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Groups updated as of Sep 21 @ 10:30PM (See Below) **Thank you to all who made switches for me!**

Evaluation schedule is here!

Your child has been placed in a NEW group as listed below. These groups do not reflect your child's team levels in any way. Goalies are not included in these groups as they all go to the same evaluation on Saturday Sept 23rd at 10am!

Your player is to wear their sort-out jersey for all ice times starting on the 23rd.  No trading jerseys please! I HAVE JERSEYS YOU ARE ABLE TO PICK UP FROM ME BEFORE THE WEEKEND. PLEASE CONTACT ME.

Note: Not all players will need to be called on to play in the bubble/balancing games.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

Jess Dearden - u11convenor@metcalfejets.ca


GROUP 1                     SAT SEP 23       7:00AM           ARMSTRONG              EVALUATION 1

GROUP 2                     SAT SEP 23       8:00AM           ARMSTRONG              EVALUATION 1

GROUP 3                     SAT SEP 23       9:00AM           ARMSTRONG              EVALUATION 1

GOALIES                      SAT SEP 23       10:00AM         ARMSTRONG           EVALUATION


GROUP 1                     SUN SEP 24     8:00AM           ARMSTRONG              EVALUATION 2

GROUP 2                     SUN SEP 24     9:00AM           ARMSTRONG              EVALUATION 2

GROUP 3                     SUN SEP 24     7:00AM           ARMSTRONG              EVALUATION 2


TBD                             MON SEP 25    5:00PM           BARRETT EAST            BUBBLE GAME

TBD                             MON SEP 25    6:00PM           BARRETT EAST            BUBBLE GAME

TBD                             SAT SEP 30       1:00PM           SENECAL                    BALANCING GAME

TBD                             SAT SEP 30       2:00PM           SENECAL                    BALANCING GAME



Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Keyen Dearden Antoine Charbonneau Luca Flamini
Simon Walker Ariana Cece Mico Multari
Weston Fleming Chael Macklin Cohen Saunders
Bradyn McKeown Hugo Miller Olivier Tache
Cash Barakat Bria Crawford Justin Brittain
Kingsley Barakat Sabrina Malcom Abigail McCarlie
Liam Leitch Kieran Burke Evan Belanger
Rowan Pietersma Easton Van Westerop Brandon Bezaire
Connor Demers Brayden Welch Braden Habash
Brandon Fairweather Nash Laplante Maxwell Leger
Maxime Yelle Brennan Bailey Calum Robertson
Matthew Leblanc Blake Moore Hunter Johnson
Emily Downing Connor Hoople Calvin Mills
Jonathan Downing Clark Levicki Maddison Filter
Adrien Carriere Emily Donnelly Austen Mallon
Lennox Latham
Alexander Delov
Jack Clarke
Keegan Morris
Caitlynn Kennedy
Colin Murdie
Connor Bowker
Cooper Chernow
Brycen Hull






Sep 15 8pm

Please have your child bring their sort out jerseys to the final rust off on Sunday Sep 17 as they will be playing in a scrimmage game.  The jerseys are reversible so we can form teams that way.  We will let you know which jersey colour your child is to wear in the change room!


Welcome to the 2023-2024 season of U11 Metcalfe Jets hockey!! 

My name is Jessica Dearden, your convenor for this year!

I will communicate all information regarding the development ice and evaluations on this page, so check in!

Here are the groups and ice time for development ice (rust offs). Please note that there is a possibility of this schedule changing slightly, but you will be made aware. The groups were not formed based on abilities or levels… simply balanced to have an even mix of first- and second- year U11 players together.

***Please note: If your child is registered for Rep B tryouts, they will only be added to the house league u11 lists IF they get don’t remain in Rep B. As the tryouts progress, I will receive the names of the players as they are released. Please see the Rep B tryout schedule here https://metcalfejets.ca/2023-2024-rep-b-tryout-schedule/


Connor Hoople Keyen Dearden
Bria Crawford Nash Laplante
Evan Belanger Lennox Latham
Sabrina Malcolm Jonathan Downing
Ariana Cece Emily Downing
Austen Mallon Liam Leitch
Kieran Burke Chael Macklin
Antoine Charbonneau Brandon Bezaire
Calvin Mills Caitlynn Kennedy
Weston Fleming Simon Walker
Maxime Yelle Cooper Chernow (G)
Kingsley Barakat Abigail McCarlie
Cash Barakat Hugo Miller
Brennan Bailey Colin Murdie (G)
Easton Van Westerop Rowan Pietersma
Matthew Leblanc Alexander Delov
Keegan Morris Connor Demers
Jack Clarke Clark Levicki
Blake Moore Sutter Wheeler
Brandon Fairweather Brayden Welch
Adrien Carriere Bradyn Mckeown


Maddison Filter


Connor Bowker (G)
Sat Sep 9 @ 4:00pm (Barrett East) Sat Sep 9 @ 3:00pm (Barrett East)
Sun Sep 10 @ 5:30pm (Manley) Sun Sep 10 @ 4:30pm (Manley)
Fri Sep 15 @ 6:00pm (Senecal) Fri Sep 15 @ 5:00pm (Senecal)
Sat Sep 16 @ 4:00pm (Armstrong) Sat Sep 16 @ 3:00pm (Armstrong)
Sun Sep 17 @ 1:00pm (Armstrong) Sun Sep 17 @ 12:00pm (Armstrong)


If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please reach out!

Jessica Dearden