Vulnerable Sector Check (Police Records Check- Level 3)

In accordance with MDHA Regulation 6 and HEO Policy 6.6 all MDHA Executive Board Members, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, On-Ice Volunteers, Managers and Trainers require a Police Records Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector, which must be renewed every three (3) years.  The existence of criminal convictions and outstanding charges, as well as incidents of all negative police contacts for at least the previous five years will be considered for release.


  • Within the MDHA, Police Records Checks are valid for three years. A Police Records Check completed part way through a season is valid for the remainder of that season and two more seasons.
  • Police Records checks will be processed by the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) for those living within the City of Ottawa. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will process applications for those living outside of Ottawa; the OPP website must be consulted to download the OPP application form.
  • A volunteer letter, provided by the MDHA Registrar, is required to waive the fee for the record check.  Express records checks are not required and the costs will not be reimbursed by the MDHA.
  • The check must be a Police Records Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector (Level 3).
  • Criminal Records Check (Level 1) for the non-vulnerable sector or any other employment criminal records background check will not be accepted. 
  • Starting in 2017 the Ottawa Police Service offers an on-line PRC service; this is the preferred method for MDHA purposes.  An Electronic Identification Service, using one's bank account information and credit history is used to confirm the identity of the applicant.
  • For anyone whose identity cannot be verified electronically or throughout the process requires a fingerprint check must report in-person to complete the PRC.  In-person checks may only be done at 2670 Queensview Drive, Nepean, weekdays 0730AM to 3PM - no other police station will accept applications for PRCs.
  • In order to ensure privacy of information, completed PRCs must be sent to the MDHA Registrar only.  Team officials and Division Conveners must not ask for or hold copies of PRCs.

Please follow the steps below to obtain a Police Records Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector (Level 3):

  1. Obtain a Volunteer Letter from the MDHA registrar ( this is required to avoid paying the fee [this will usually be sent to you automatically within a few days of completing the MDHA Volunteer Application Form]
  2. Go to the Ottawa Police Service website, read instructions and complete the on-line application for Vunerable Sector Check (Level 3).
    • Note - You will be prompted to select method of deliver; either Email (softcopy) or Paper (Hardcopy) - Select Email.
  3. If you are informed of the requirement for fingerprints, you have 30 days to report for fingerprints before the application expires.
  4. When the completed PRC is received, forward directly to  DO NOT PRINT A COPY. Printing the Record Check results renders the authenticity and continuity incomplete, and therefore the Ottawa Police Service will not recognize the results as valid and legitimate.
  5. IF you were charged for obtaining the PRC, submit receipt for reimbursement to: (copy to using the MDHA Reimbursement Request Form

Any volunteer wishing to self-declare a previous offence is to contact the registrar.