Question or Concerns?  Email:  u15convenor@metcalfejets.ca

September 24 2023 - 10:00 AM *Update* 

Final B Teams

B1 B2 B3
Goaltender 23 Goaltender 25 Goaltender 26
Defense 401 Defense 336 Defense 378
Defense 404 Forward 361 Forward 337
Forward 371 Defense 340 Defense 363
Defense 406 Forward 368 Forward 329
Forward 362 Defense 330 Forward 342
Forward 405 Forward 328 Forward 322
Forward 370 Forward 373 Forward 380
Forward 348 Forward 407 Forward 377
Forward 344 Forward 339 Forward 334
Forward 332 Forward 326 Forward 365
Forward 346 Defense 333 Forward 372
Defense 341 Forward 343 Defense 321
Forward 335 Forward 369

Welcome to the 2023-24 U15 Metcalfe Jets House League Season. My name is Andrew Penner and I’m pleased to volunteer as your convenor for this season.

All information related to our upcoming house league sort outs will be communicated through this site including schedules and instructions.


  1. Each player will be issued a numbered, sort out jersey. This jersey must be worn for all scrimmages to facilitate individual evaluations. Players will be responsible for returning their numbered jersey (washed) at their first practice following sorts.
  2. The Rust-off scrimmage is purely optional and will not be used to evaluate the players or goalies.
  3. All evaluators have been chosen to be independent of the players. Some, but not all, are long-time volunteers of the MDHA. While each evaluator is unique, effort to ensure that evaluators have the requisite playing and/or coaching experience has been made.
  4. On-ice and on-bench support during the Scrimmages will be provided by U15 volunteers. While these volunteers may be connected to one or more players registered for U15, their presence is strictly for safety purposes.
  5. All evaluation and bubble scrimmages will be played without coaching.
  6. Should the need arise, please observe the 24-hour rule before lodging concerns to the convenor. In turn, the convenor will also observe the same 24-hour rule before responding.