New Spordle (HCR 3.0) User Account Instructions

Complete the below steps to create a new Spordle (HCR 3.0) user account and add family members/participant profiles (including yourself, if applicable). To register an individual for Hockey Canada sanctioned programming they must be linked to an account. Anyone can create and have a user account, but only individuals with an HCR # (i.e individuals who have a profile with Hockey Canada because they've registered for programs/clinics/courses in the past) can be added to an account. An individual can be added to more that one account. Example family scenarios for account set up can be found below.

Step 1: Create a new Spordle user account

* you will need access to the email that you will use to create this account as a verification code will be sent to this email.

  1. Go to the Spordle Sign Up page
  2. Enter your email address and click ‘Next’
  3. Enter the verification code that will be sent to the email address you entered and click ‘Next’
  4. Enter a password and click ‘Login’
  5. Accept (‘I Agree’) the Terms and Conditions and that’s it, now you’re in!

Step 2: Link a Member/Participant

  1. From the Dashboard, select 'Create Member’. Search for the individual using Name & DOB, or HCR #.
  2. Select the individual (profile) that you would like to add from the results and click 'Validate'

If you are unsure whether you have a Hockey Canada profile for yourself that needs to be added please attempt the search. If you get no result you likely don’t have a Hockey Canada profile.

If you’re attempting to add yourself or someone else to your account but they are not being found in the system, OR you are having any other issue with your new account set up, please contact the MDHA registrar ( who can look into the matter.

Example Family Scenarios:

Family Scenario #1- Mom normally registers her son, John, for hockey, but otherwise has never been involved in hockey. John's Dad has coached John's hockey in the past and therefore has a Hockey Canada profile and occasionally registers for new coaching courses or other required volunteer courses.

In this case, both Mom and Dad need new Spordle users accounts. Mom will want to link John to her account, but may or may not want to link John's Dad and doesn't need to link herself since she likely doesn't have a profile with Hockey Canada anyway. This may change if she gets involved in some capacity in the future. John's Dad will want to link himself to his account so he can do future registrations and he could also link John so that he can register his son in programming in the future if needed.

Family Scenario #2- John's grandpa usually registers him for hockey, but doesn't participate other than as a fan. John's mom hopes to get involved this year in some volunteer capacity, but hasn't done anything to date.

In this case, John's grandpa will need a new user account and will need to link John to the account, but not himself.  John's mom should create a new user account and link John so she can register him if needed and so she will be able to register herself for courses that will be required if she wishes to volunteer. Depending on the courses she may get her HCR# before or after the course and when she does she will want to link her profile to her own user account.

Family Scenario #3- Steve has a son and a daughter who grew up playing hockey, but they have moved on and no longer play. Steve has coached for years and plans to stay involved in the association in some capacity as a volunteer even though his kids no longer participate. 

In this scenario, Steve will need a new user account and will need to link himself to that account. He can choose whether he wants to link his kids profiles to his account or not based on how likely it is he will be registering them for any programming in the future.