MDHA COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Last updated Sept 16/20 at 12pm

Hockey Eastern Ontario’s (HEO) Return to Hockey Framework sets out the health and safety protocols that are being implemented as we return to practice and to play, in compliance with mandatory regulations established by the Government of Ontario and Hockey Canada.

Players, parents, coaches and other team staff are asked to familiarize themselves with – and abide by – the health and safety measures set out in the Return to Hockey Framework as wells those in place at local facilities, including those listed below.

TeamSnap Health Check

Every participant, player and spectator must have their attendance and health check updated prior to every ice time. This is both a facility and Hockey Canada requirement. The health check will be available in the TeamSnap app 8 hours prior to each event. Individual responses are not stored, but the Head Coach and Manager will be checking and will be notified of all responses. The family entry should include an availability note who is attending that day.  Those not filling out a health check will not be permitted to enter.

If a participant says 'Yes' to any of the questions in the TeamSnap Health Check, they must complete the City of Ottawa COVID-19 SELF ASSESSMENT, see link:

If a COVID test is NOT recommeded, please send a screen shot of the result to YOUR COACH and our VP Risk and Safetly by email:

If a COVID test IS recommended, DO NOT participate in hockey, inform our VP Risk and Safety by email and follow up by sending a copy of your results when they are negative.

Please use common sense.
Participants exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should not be present at any facility. This includes anyone attending the programs such as players, team officials, coaches, volunteers, parents/guardians, Association/League members etc.

A coach should be prepared to require that anyone exhibiting signs or symptoms of illness, or who refuses to complete a health screening questionnaire, should leave the practice/activity.

If participants do not feel well or have identified respiratory symptoms, ensure they advise team staff immediately and put on a cloth mask. They should immediately go home and follow up with their physician.

Parents and players are asked to also familiarize themselves with the following additional protocols:

Parents and Players

  • Change rooms are open, and participants may change at the facility, showers remain closed. Please note that this will be at the discretion of the Head Coach and Parents as some players will be unable to dress in the timeframe provided.  Change rooms have a limited capacity load of 7 to 12 participants at a time.  Participants will have access to the building 20 minutes prior to their booking. Participants must then vacate the building within 20 minutes after their ice time.
  • Participants are required to leave their helmet and gloves on while on the ice.
  • No deliberate in-game contact or body checking is permitted (however, please understand that incidental or accidental contact may occur).
  • Pre-game and post-game handshakes are prohibited.
  • Players must bring their own properly labeled water bottle, filled at home.
  • The sharing of water bottles and hockey equipment (including goalie equipment) is prohibited.
  • Players may transition from their home league/cohort (bubble) to take part in private instruction or higher-level tryouts, and then return to their home league (e.g., MDHA). To limit the spread of COVID19, players are reminded to follow established public health measures (self-monitoring for symptoms, completing COVID19 screening, physical distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, wearing a mask when required).
    • 1:1 ratio of spectator to player (up to max 25)
    • Spectators are asked to enter at the beginning of the ice time unless they are tying skates outside of the dressing room
    • spectators must proceed directly to the stands unless tying skates; parents are NOT ALLOWED in dressing rooms
    • spectators must be seated on assigned spots in the stands (as indicated by stickers)
    • spectators must wear a mask at all times unless drinking or eating while seated in the stands
    • must health screen and have contact tracing for attendance
    1. East Entry:  Main front doors;
      1. spectators stay to left and go through left set of double doors into old lobby by skate shop, through back hall to the east side of the stands
      2. players to the left and go through the right set of double doors into the east rink
    2. East Exit:  all exit through the east doors to parking lot
    3. note that the bottom row of the east stands will be used as additional seating for skate tying when Dressing Rooms 6/7 are in use every second hour
    4. note that the west stands will be closed to spectators
    1. West Entry:  Main front doors
      1. spectators stay right and go through double doors into the stands
      2. players proceed down hall to dressing rooms
  • West Exit:  Main front doors

Coaches and team staff are asked to also familiarize themselves with the following additional protocols:

Coaches and Team Staff

  • All coaches and other team staff are required to take the Hockey University COVID-19 Safety Training online module (to access the course, click here and signup for *HU-Planning a Safe Return to Hockey).
  • Team travel outside of HEO is not permitted.
  • Tournaments and jamborees are not permitted.
  • No affiliation may occur from outside your cohort; if a shortage of players occurs then player sharing within the cohort is permitted.
  • Coaches and trainers are permitted to support multiple leagues and cohorts (bubbles), although it is recommended that these scenarios be avoided where possible. Individuals supporting multiple cohorts must keep a log (date, time, location, and teams involved) of their involvement within each cohort.

Other Resources
Players, parents, coaches and other team staff are encourage to visit HEO’s Return to Hockey/COVID-19 Response page, for the latest information related to COVID-19 and the return to play.  In addition to the Return to Hockey Framework, it is highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Return to Play FAQ on this page.