Photo Day

Metcalfe Jets/Canucks Photo Day will be taking place on Saturday, October 30th at the Metcalfe Lion's Den (next to the Curling Club), 2821 8th Line Metcalfe, ON.
Please wear your DARK JERSEYSYou will need your chest protector, gloves, and hockey stickNO SKATES or HELMET
Photo Orders MUST be done online and a printed receipt brought to the photo session with the player.  Payments to be made online or in exact cash placed in a clear bag-no change will be available.
Players/coaches/parents must wear a mask entering the building and it is only to be removed for the photo.  Only 1 parent per child U13 and younger may accompany the player.  No parents for U15 and older.
The updated schedule is below.  Please double-check your team's time slot.

Time Team Head Coach
8:00am U9 A1 Jets Jason Scholar
8:15am U9 B3 Jets Craig Hughes
8:30am U7 1A Green Dan Adamson
8:45am U7 3A Black Andy Klaussen
9:00am U11 A1 Jets Bruce Buckland
9:15 AM U13 A1 Jets Jay Feyco
9:30am U7 2A Red Taylor Smith
9:45am U7 2B White Pete Seguin
10:00am U16 Rep B Canucks Bruce Young
10:15am U7 3B Blue Colin Moran
10:45am U15 Rep B Canucks Luc Lapierre
11:00am U13 B2 Jets Kevin Hughes
11:15am U9 B2 Jets Andrew McVey
11:30am U10 Rep B Canucks Cam Lajoie
11:45am U11 C1 Jets Vincenzo Cece
12:00pm U11 B1 Jets Nicholas Pommainville
12:15pm U11 B2 Jets Jeff Jarvo
1:00pm U14 Rep B Canucks Cheryl Cooper
1:15pm U9 C2 Jets Jamie Morris
1:30pm U13 Rep B Canucks Joe Dewan
1:45pm U13 C1 Jets Chris Bailey
2:00pm U15 B1 Jets Adam Baker
2:15pm U9 B1 Jets Ward Mallon
2:30pm U9 C1 Jets Jay Kennedy
2:45pm U13 B1 Jets Scott Brookes
3:00pm U18 A1 Matt Goodsell
3:15pm U15 A1 Jets Randy Seymour
3:30pm U18 B1 Peter Smiley
3:45pm U12 Rep B Canucks Cory Cooper
4:15 PM U11 Rep B Canucks Mark Volk
4:30pm U18 B3 Rick Leikkari
4:45pm U15 B2 Jets Sean Gibson
5:00pm U21 B1 Jets Joe Radey

Prior to Photo Day
All order forms have to be completed in advance on our website at the link below.
Once the order form is completed, you will have the option of paying for the order online using the following options.
 credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
 debit Visa or debit MasterCard
 Exact cash placed inside a clear plastic bag (no change will be provided)
all options will require you to print the receipt and bring it with you on photo day.
To ensure the safety of all involved we have had to make some changes to the entire
photo day process. We ask everyone to work with us to help provide a smooth and safe event.

Photo day Procedures COVID EDITION

 Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
 Masks must be worn at all times while inside the hall.
 Only 1 parent per child for U13 and lower, No parents (except coaches) for U15 and up
 There will be no staging area available this year. Your child should arrive fully dressed. No skates or helmets are required. Please bring gloves and a stick with you. No hockey bag will be allowed inside the hall except for goalies. We will have a few chairs available for goalies to put on pads.
 All photos will be waist up this year. (Exceptions may be given for goalies or IP players.)
 All players must arrive with a printed copy of the order form. We will not have blank forms on site.
 Once you enter please line up at photography stations respecting social distance protocols.
 When you reach the photographer, please slide your order form underneath the glass partition and remove the mask to take a photo.
 Once your Individual photo is taken, please put the mask back on and proceed to the exit and return outside.
 No team photos are being taken this year. We will be using all the individual photos to create a team composite.

***Any absent players will be given the opportunity to have their individual photo taken on our
absentee night.