Effective September 22, 2021, the Province of Ontario, along with the City of Ottawa, have mandated spectators 12 years of age and older entering arenas be double vaccinated and are fourteen days post 2nd vaccine. 
All associations must screen everyone entering the arena AND to now check vaccination records, ensuring that all spectators over the age of 11 have been double vaccinated.  Proof of receiving both doses along with ID must be provided to the Safety Officer upon entering the arena (or for multi-pad arena, solely those entering the pad in use).  Please note that it is associations’ task to screen spectators; however, enforcement for individuals not complying with the Provincial Order will be immediately escalated to the facility staff.
Safety Officers, on behalf of MDHA, must sign-in with City of Ottawa on a daily vaccination control sheet
  • provide name and phone number
  • signature to indicate review and confirmation of vaccination
MDHA volunteers, directly involved within their MDHA roles, for that ice time, may enter without vaccination proof but still need to be screened.
Are participants exempt?  Yes, if under 18 years old. Any spectator 12 years and older is not exempt.
Are volunteers serving their duties exempt?  Yes, this includes coaches, managers, trainers, etc… but they must be serving in their duties, specific to that ice time
Do the rules change outside of the City of Ottawa?  It is possible that a local public health unit or facility may apply more stringent requirements to the minimum requirements dictated by the Province of Ontario.  The screening and verification process may also change from rink to rink.  
What documents can be used as proof of vaccination?  All Ontarians receiving a vaccine, whether at first dose or second dose, are provided a receipt at the time of vaccination. A paper copy of the receipt, an electronic version or a downloaded/printed copy from the COVID-19 vaccination provincial portal are all accepted proof of vaccination.  Proof of vaccination will be accepted if the person’s name and date of birth on their identification document matches the vaccination receipt with name and date of birth and if the person is fully vaccinated. For Canadian Armed Forces personnel, a vaccine booklet will be provided as proof.

What forms of ID can be used as proof of ID? 
Proof of identity can be established provided it includes the name of the holder and date of birth.  Photo identification is not required.  
Examples of identification documents that may be used include: 
Birth certificate, Citizenship card, Driver’s licence, Government (Ontario or other) issued identification card, including health card, Indian Status Card /Indigenous Membership Card, Passport, Permanent Resident card 

Validation of identification is considered to have been completed/successful when the name and date of birth of the presenter of the vaccination receipt and the name and date of birth on the identification document match. If the name and date of birth on both documents do not match, the individual will not be allowed to enter.

Can I refer to something for more information? The Province has provided the following documents
Matt Graham
VP Risk & Safety and Discipline, MDHA


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