The three Ontario Members (HEO, OHF and HNO) have been given the opportunity to partner with Hockey Canada to help facilitate the online 50/50 draw for the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship for residences of Ontario.

The winners of each 50/50 draw will take home half of the pot, while the other half will remain in the province to be reinvested into grassroots hockey programs.
Tickets are available to purchase now at:

Draw dates include:
Dec. 23 (draw opens Dec. 17)
Dec. 26 (draw opens Dec. 24)
Dec. 28 (draw opens Dec. 27)
Dec. 29 (draw opens Dec. 29)
Dec. 31 (draw opens Dec. 30)
Jan. 2 (draw opens Jan. 1)
Jan. 4 (draw opens Jan. 3)
Jan. 5 (draw opens Jan. 5)
Jan. 6 (draw opens Jan. 6)

Raffle rules can be found at: Raffle Rules – Ontario Hockey Federation (

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